Honor Served

Your elders have forever warned you – “Never get in a car with a stranger”. Gee… Why on earth would you give a ride to a stranger or two or three?

You are on a Mission.

If you have ever lived in the Washington DC area, you know the difference between a tough-skinned terrestrial mollusk (slug) and the absurd concept of sharing a ride with people you have yet met (strangers – aka – SLUGS).

The Mission? To serve Honor and Comfort upon Lance Corporal Skerry at his family’s home north of Fredericksburg, VA.

The issue? A 5:30 appointment at the home of Lance Corporal Skerry that would be a tight fit two hours away in Washington, DC traffic.

Welcome - Captain Debra Graham. “You need to get yourself some slugs!”, “Let’s go – we are heading to the Pentagon”. “There, drive over there, look for the sign – Falmouth (Rt. 17)”,”There they are…now, go meet your mission”

Out steps Captain Graham from the car, herself on a different mission (further away) and three SLUGS step forward. “Oh Hey!” Captain Graham shouts, “You need to move your blanket for these guys to get in…”

Captain! That is not a blanket – it is Quilt of Valor!”  - The Quilt of Valor comes to rest in the front seat.

Welcome one Lieutenant Colonel in appropriate theater attire for his troops down range and two other men in business attire. The two passengers in the rear close their eyes and nod off.

So, the nearly two hour conversation with the Lieutenant Colonel began with “So, What Sort of Medal is That?”

Well, if you have had the privilege of awarding a Quilt of Valor, then, you know the two or more participants – You awarding and the recipient – cannot stop thanking each other.


Thank You Catherine for your service and sacrifice and thank you Nate - for a debt owed to you from a Nation that can never fully repay you for your service and sacrifice. Each of you will forever be in the heart of each person who serves Honor and Comfort upon those touched by War as we repeat these words…

Though We May Never Know the Depth of Your Sacrifice to Protect and Defend The United States of America, As a Gesture of Gratitude, From A Grateful Nation, Please Accept This Quilt of Valor.

Honor and Comfort was served upon Lance Corporal Skerry at 5:45 PM, December 30, 2011.

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